Bing Or Google? Here Is The Best Search Engine

Bangalore: First, there was only Google, the six letter word which defined ‘search,’ and then came Bing, a strong competitor from Microsoft. Over the years, both of them fought furiously, integrating breakthrough features, which were once unimaginable to a search bar.

But the question still stands- Which is the best one, Google or Bing? The recent online commercials from Microsoft claimed that blind users preferred Bing’s results over Google’s by a margin of 2 to 1, while Google picturises itself as the most popular one.

Here is a breakdown of these search engines from speed to quality to social integration.

#5 Google Advantage: More Relevant Information

Google scores high in the quality of informative queries. Even though Bing has made some relevant changes recently, it’s not yet good as Google in qualitative and relevant results. For example if a person search for “income tax rates” in both search engine, Google’s Search Engine Algorithm would display information from 2012-2013 in top five results, compared to Bing which displayed a single listing, mentioning 2011 tax rates.