Top 5 Features Of New Android Jelly Bean

Bangalore: Google’s latest version of the Android OS is coming on mid-July. Named as Jelly Bean, the OS comes packed with many features and updates which was never available with others and which will make it a perfect competitor to iOS, Windows Phone and blackberry.

Here we list the top features you will come to experience in Jelly Bean.

Google Now

Google Now is one kind of a service, which is created to assist you every day by unifying all the information about you. It takes everything your Smartphone knows about you.

When you launch Google Now, you’ll see a list of various cards. These cards display how your day will be, as Google Now pays attention to everything including your usual route to work (including the time takes for journey), your calendar, travel plans, news you like to read and nearby places you might want to eat. From these information, Google Now creates an array of cards that explain that it’ll take 30 minutes to get to work if you take the usual bus route, or that you need to leave in ten minutes if you want to catch the flight. Everything within Google Now communicates with the other pieces.

What Google Now does is, it figures out the user based on search history, and give him everything a Smartphone owner normally get from the device to stay productive, but everything automatically.

So imagine this: you like to practice yoga around 1pm every day, but you happen to have a 2pm flight. Google Now knows that it’ll only take you 30 minutes to get to the airport, and that your flight has been delayed to 3:30pm. So it will let you know you have plenty of time to practice.