10 Things Google Should do with Motorola

Bangalore: Google is now officially a hardware company. The search giant completed its $ 12.5 Billion Motorola acquisition. Along with the software expertise, a multibillion handset, a set top box business and the talented workforce at Motorola, Google is now the proud owner of 17000 new patents. The market is ripe with rumors of what Google could or rather should do with Motorola. We bring you a list of 10 things that Google should do with their latest acquisition.

1. Fuel the tablet addiction:

Motorola’s Xoom slate was the first android tablet in the market. It was made famous with the Superbowl commercial that mocked Apple. Xoom got good reviews from critics and users alike but it could not capture the market. Motorola even went south with the prices to boost sales but the sales did not pick up too much.

 We are crossing our fingers and hoping that Google will focus on coming up with competent tablets. It would be a mistake to not do so.