Indian Employees Are The Highest Users Of Social Media At Work: Microsoft

Bangalore: Though most of the companies restrict access to the social media at work in India, in a shocking revelation by a Microsoft study, it is found that Indian employees rate highest in the world when it comes to using social media at work, reports Business Today.

To measure the adoption of social tools in enterprises, Microsoft commissioned research firm Ipsos to interview 1,825 employees working in 32 APAC (Asia Pacific) countries, including India. The study shows that nine in 10 Indian workers use email, followed closely by eight in 10 who use IM/video conferencing, and three quarters of the total respondents use team sites/intranets. As many as seven in 10 Indian workers felt social tools increased workplace collaboration. Companies also recognize the value of providing social tools.

It was also revealed that the most prevalent social tools in the Indian community are also those recognized by workers as most useful and encouraged in the workplace. Though more than a quarter of Indian companies restrict external social networks, micro blogging, and internal social networks the employees said to bring in the social tools through the backdoor.

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