Google Takes The Road With The Driverless Cars

Google Takes The Road With The Driverless Cars

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 13:49 Hrs
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BANGALORE: Google is apparently seen testing its ‘Driverless cars’ and plans to bring the technology to the public by 2025. Though the search engine giant has not revealed how it plans to market the technology, but it has disclosed that it is open to the option of joining hands with car manufacturers or hand out the software like the Android operating system to them , reports Forbes.

The Self driving cars from Google can navigate themselves though a driver was ready to take control of it, if the computer fails. The car still in its testing stages will not require a driver eventually, where passengers can relax, work or read with the car in complete control of the drive.

"We're growing more optimistic that we're heading toward an achievable goal - a vehicle that operates fully without human intervention," project director Chris Urmson wrote. On the brighter side it would have reduced amount of accidents as machines can drive safely than human beings.

The Google engineers have designed the software in such a way that it can predict the behaviour of real life encounters and it reacts by framing the path accordingly if something unexpected appears. They had initially thought of mapping all the start stop signs in the world into this technology, but now it can read the signs on the road including the hand held symbols.

According to the company, the self driving cars have covered 11 million kilometers till date and still require human help with some problems like understanding the gesture signs the drivers use to notify one another to change lanes or turn right and requires more assistance driving in rain and fog.

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