9 Most Dangerous Botnets of 2012

#3 Lethic:

Fact: Lethic handles around 28 percent of the global spam

Lethic is a botnet that was discovered in the year 2008. The botnet mainly involved in pharmaceutical and replica spam, as an estimated number of 210,000 to 310,000 individual machines are still being infected. At the peak of its existence the botnet was responsible for 8-10 percent of all the spam sent worldwide.

By January 2010, the botnet was dismantled by Neustar employees. The move was done with the help of various internet service providers as they bid themselves to take the control of the botnet’s commands.

In Feburary 2010, the owner of the botnet managed to re-establish itself with control over the command and codes. But by that time, Lethic has lost control over the spam mails and was temporarily shut down.

Some of the recent reports suggest that Lethic is alive and has started working again.

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