Top 10 IT Service Providing Companies

Top 10 IT Service Providing Companies

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Bangalore: Service providers are companies that supplies enterprises with various provisions such as consulting, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage and processing. Though the term service provider is meant for companies that stand as a single unit or as an organizational sub-unit, it is more broadly used to describe outsourced suppliers or third party service providers that mainly covers certain aspects such as  telecommunications, application services (ASPs), storage services (SSPs) and Internet service providers (ISPs).

With that here is a list of top 10 IT service providers, categorized upon three groups- Global, Regional and Offshore IT service providers.

#10 Atos:

Category: Regional

Revenue: $6.7 billion

At number 10, it’s the French multinational company Atos. Categorized under regional service provider, Atos grossed over $6.7 billion in terms of revenue. Founded in 1997, the company came into existence through a merger of two French IT companies and later combined with the Dutch-based company Origin B.V. in 2000. Last year, the company finalized a major acquisition in its history by acquiring Siemens IT Solutions, which gave Atos a major uplift in consulting and technology services.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: sad........ dnt u guys hav no other work??
Posted by:are - 19 Nov, 2012
y not you learn a english first? Take a chill pill my frustrated fellow porn watcher.
ggtalkntalk Replied to: are - 30 Jan, 2014
3: Good One. But Where Cognizant is standing?? Today they are leading in market. In Every quarter also they are first in their profit. If so why cognizant is not coming in TOP 10 list.. Am unable to digest this.
Posted by:Kishore kumar - 17 Nov, 2012
I have often seen data & details provided by SiliconIndia does not match the reality. Many giants like Infosys, CTS are missing here.
Sumit Replied to: Kishore kumar - 18 Nov, 2012
5: good list...!!
Posted by:Fallen - 14 Nov, 2012