5 Most Scariest Technologies Of The Present

Bangalore: Technology surprises us every moment by providing unimaginable powers to aid the routine life. The evolution is more than fast enough to scare some passive onlookers. Self driven drones, printable guns, humanoid robots- you name it, tech has it. However, you might be wondering how these technologies can harm human beings! To clarify your fear sense, here is a list of 5 cutting edge technologies that may scare you with their potential.

#5 3D Printers:

3D printing is lately the most celebrated technology. Companies that supply these small cube shaped machines are popping up in every corner of the world. These machines help you make small pins to life sized guns from the security of your home. In fact, according to the reports almost 100,000 blue prints for 3D printing the guns were downloaded every month. There were also videos of people successfully shooting their 3D printed guns. If things proceed like this, we may soon be witnessing more shootouts like the Virginia Tech massacre, where a gunman shot down 32 innocent people in a college campus.