10 Programming Languages That Can Redefine IT

Bangalore: It is practically impossible for a developer to learn all the languages which are available today, yet new ones are emerging in high frequency. This can be because of the development of new technologies like multicore CPUs, cloud computing, mobility, and distributed architectures, which create newer challenges for the developers. To keep up with them, it is better to develop a language from scratch than to make changes to the existing ones.

Here are 10 latest programming languages which approach the art of software development from a fresh perspective, tackling a specific problem or a unique shortcoming of today's more popular languages. Many of them are capable of changing programming in subsequent years.

1. Go

Go, which is easy to program in, is a general-purpose programming language suitable for everything from application development to systems programming. It's more like C or C++. But like Java and C#, Go includes modern features such as garbage collection, runtime reflection, and support for concurrency. Go’s development is still in progress.