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10 Most Popular Programming Languages

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 20 February 2012, 09:32 Hrs   |    16 Comments
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Bangalore: The knowledge of a handful of programming languages could come to be a lifesaver to many a programmer, especially since most languages that were popular 10 years ago are not as viable as they are now.

But there are many developers who have earned their worth simply by knowing the right programming language at the right time, simply because they had solid skills that were profitable while the language was popular.

Here are some languages though, which stayed popular through the years, and prove to give young developers a jumpstart to their careers, and always are a bonus to add to any developer’s resume, as compiled by TIOBE software, a coding standards company.

10. JavaScript

What is it?

JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language that is smaller than Java. Being a client-side language, it runs in the web browser on the client-side with a simplified set of commands, easier code and no need for compilation.

Why is it important?

JavaScript is simple to learn and is the tenth most widely used programming language. It is used in millions of web pages to authenticate forms, detect browsers and improve design, and it is easier to run these functions as it is embedded into HTML.

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Reader's comments(16)
1: Is this made by a just-now-graduate
-Python is not developed by Microsoft.It is made by some Monty Python fan
-Where the hell is Ruby?
-Where the hell is LISP,Prolog and other languages considered ideal for AI Programming?
-Visual Basic,C# and Objective C made into individual spots this list!!!And not the above 3!!!(Can you consider a man who is dressed in three ways to be completely different people?)Seriously?
-Can markup languages be considered as Programming languages?
-You begin by saying old languages are obsolete but C made it to the 2nd place.Do you know how old that is,at least do what think before you type.
-Anyway whatever people at TEOV...whatever says,I consider Python to be the best programming language because its the ideal language for beginners.(And I consider a good programming language to be the one which saves the programmers time.Not based on the amount of lines you have type to see your result as said by Eric S. Raymond.Even he considers Python(And so do many other hackers.) to be the best.
Posted by:Rohan Thattil - 13 Oct, 2014
Though C/C++ can be considered good for low level hardware.And JAVA for large projects(Though not many coders do such large projects.A password manager(Consider it a console based Keepass.) I made was completed with some 90 lines.
But you will have to learn a lot of languages because errrr..... debug.
Rohan Thattil Replied to: Rohan Thattil - 13 Oct, 2014
3: Now, in April 2014, VB6 has risen to be the sixth most popular programming language
Posted by:Sten - 15 Apr, 2014
4: it is nice post.Thank you
Posted by:dialus - 15 Feb, 2014
5: What about Ruby ? I am surprised to see archaic languages made to the list and not Ruby..
Posted by:Balaji - 28 Aug, 2013
Posted by:bAHA VAN - 16 Jan, 2013
7: hello guyz i am from turkey. i hack you all noobs hahaha. i hack pork.
Posted by:Bahadir Van - 16 Jan, 2013
8: What about Ruby ? I am surprised to see archaic languages made to the list and not Ruby..
Posted by:Paul - 22 Feb, 2012
9: do u not consider HTML is a language?
Posted by:subash - 21 Feb, 2012
10: I like to show the mistake that you have done here in case of python..I'm new bird to this programming world,yet graduated.. but i noted 1 thing you have posted same information for both python and visual basic..can i rely on this information and surveys.. because many comments from readers make me disgruntled..
Posted by:PRAKASH - 21 Feb, 2012
11: Python was not developed by Microsoft. Poor research. I seriously doubt siliconindia's credibility now.
Posted by:vinu - 21 Feb, 2012
12: Python designed by microsoft. Guido should read this
Posted by:winny - 20 Feb, 2012
Hi Winny, the article said nothing about who developed it.
jen Replied to: winny - 20 Feb, 2012
Right, he said designed. Not developed. The article DEFINITELY says Microsoft designed it, and that is completely incorrect.
LoTan Replied to: jen - 09 Jul, 2012
15: Surprising that most of these languages are still the old ones. Good to know as well.
Posted by:xhu - 20 Feb, 2012
little noobs i am pro with gragas. si fk you hahahahahahhaha. noobs....
Bahadir Van Replied to: xhu - 16 Jan, 2013