10 Most Shocking Facts About Facebook

Bangalore: Facebook lately had become an indispensable want that most of us visit at least once a day. You squeal with joy seeing a friend’s engagement photo, and type ‘welcome’ if another friend posts ‘Coming home!’ The world’s largest social networking site has become a palpable reality, where its users can feel joy, envy, guilt, love, hate, voice and much more. And so, it holds in its folds many shocking facts, here’s a take at hot 10 of them along with a quick look at other miscellaneous bonus facts at the end of the article. 

#10 Why Facebook is all blue in color?

"Blue is the richest color for me. I can see all of blue," Zuckerberg told in an interview with New Yorker reporter Jose Antonio Vargas. Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind, so blue is the easiest color for him to see. Additionally, Facebook has always been pretty monochromatic since from the beginning he has wanted the site to remain as simple as possible. But this didn’t prevent it from being world’s largest social networking site with over a billion users. (Source: Washington Post)

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