10 Brilliant Technology Visionaries

Bangalore: Visionaries- They are not born in a day. With the imagination and hard work over the years, these people brought many technologies into your doorstep and in turn, glory to their organizations. From enterprise services to e-books, here are the visionary tech leaders on 2012’s Fortune 500 list.

10. Mooly Eden

President, Intel Israel

The success of Apple’s MacBook Air, the ultra thin, ultra fast series of laptops made people crave for something similar and affordable. It was then, Intel launched Ultrabooks, a powerful competitor in the category and the idea was pushed by Eden, who wanted a PC equivalent to MacBooks. He even predicted that this new category would claim about 40 percent of the world wide laptop market and we know what happened next. Now Ultrabooks are developed by almost all manufacturers. Eden now as the President and General Manager of Intel Israel runs the division responsible for the innovation in processors- no wonder this is where Intel’s Core 2 Duo chip and Sandy Bridge chips were born. The next generation Ivy Bridge processors will also be largely manufactured here. Eden’s division Accounted for 40 percent of Intel Notebook processor revenue.