10 Wildest Conspiracy Theories In Technology
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10 Wildest Conspiracy Theories In Technology

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 13:22 Hrs   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Conspiracies has always been a very part of human psyche. From crop circles to landing on moon to alleged CIA’s funded operation that trawls Facebook for data- all garner a special ear whenever the topics arises. Take a look at these 10 wildest conspiracy theories in technology, as compiled by Business Insider.

#10 Oil and gas firms are allegedly suppressing the electric car

The theory has become a base for documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?” According to this conspiracy theory, a number of entities ranging from oil and gas companies to the U.S. government itself have put up roadblocks for companies seeking to build a viable electric car. The reason?  It is an effort to keep people dependent on oil and to keep related businesses running smoothly.

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Reader's comments(2)
Posted by:Margaret Barr - 30 May, 2013
2: I apparently cannot post my article because I am being accused of using "abusive words" ???? Wow... nothing in my comment was abusive.
Posted by:Margaret Barr - 30 May, 2013