Psychopaths Make Great Entrepreneurs: Study

Bangalore: A latest study has revealed that people with psychopathic tendencies can make first class entrepreneurs. The research, after carefully studying the human brain has interpreted that psychopaths possess temperamental differences that make them risk seekers, spontaneous and fearless and these are the direct qualities that is required for a person to be successful in business, as reported by The Courier Mail.

Around 605 people from The Australian School of Business at the University of NSW participated in the study. It also further revealed that people with either psychopathic or entrepreneurial intentions persisted through adversity in a risk-taking task.

Benjamin Walker, a PhD student said that the experimental conditions changed from rewarding to punishing and the participants of the study who were high in either psychopathic tendencies or entrepreneurial intentions continued to be rewarded.

Walker asserted that ‘The personality traits of fearlessness and insensitivity to punishment lead entrepreneurs to jump off buildings - and that is why they may also be unafraid to start multiple businesses.’

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