Lack of Funds hinders Construction of Ludhiana Government School

Lack of Funds hinders Construction of Ludhiana Government School
Government schools have been hanging tight for almost a month for cash, to keep the standard support works, because of an absence of assets with the state education department.
Construction & Development work is on at a smart senior school in Ludhiana. As the school has more understudies and less space to oblige them, they genuinely should prepare the additional space for the approaching meeting. 
School authorities have scarcely pushed the work along at their personal expense as they need funds.
The education department has requested the schools to quit producing PPAs, a receipt created in the public financial management system (PFMS). 
PFMS is an portal utilized by the central government to directly send assets to schools so they can utilize them. After the designation, the schools can straightforwardly get to these assets reserved under different heads. After a specific work is finished, the school starts an exchange of assets to the merchant on the entryway and produces a PPA, which then must be submitted to the bank that conveys the school account and the installment is finished after confirmation. The middle had given around 1300 crore for the ongoing financial year. 50% of which, Bublani guaranteed, had been used.
The official involved in the subject says, “We had generated a few PPAs to the tune of ₹1 lakh. First, we saw the figure deducted on PFMS, but since we didn’t submit the PPA, the amount started reflecting in the portal. I don’t understand it. If we have the funds, why can’t we use it?”
Further he added, “A BPEO from the district, not wanting to reveal his identity, confirmed this. He claimed that the department had directed them to make the schools withhold payments. “Had it been a technical problem it would have been resolved in a couple of days,”
“While speaking to the issue, Director general of School Education, Punjab, Vinay Bublani, said, “This was due to the pending disbursement of funds from the Centre under the Sarv Siksha Abhiyan,
We are waiting for the third and fourth instalments for the current year and only after we get those funds, the system can work. We have even written to Centre to expedite the process and expect the funds in a few days”, he stated.