Indian Talents In Silicon Valley Return Home To Join Startups

When I was with Disney, it was the same thing. If I work with a company, I don't want small goals, I want to rule the world, and I sensed it here at Zomato," said the motivated Saksena.

Earlier this march, Piyush Ranjan and Punit Soni, two of Google's engineering VPs, decided to shift from the Bay Area to work with Flipkart, India's largest ecommerce company, both the aspiring talents are offered Valley salaries of $5-6 million annual packages.

Jai Mani, who falls in similar categories, was also give the job role as the lead product manager by the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to take forward the product management in India. 

In regard to cultural difference, Gaurav Gupta, who has over a decade of experience in the Valley with Cisco, Symantec and many other start-ups in the Bay Area, relocated to join in with joined ecommerce company Snapdeal.

"Most of us always have an eye on the motherland; this time it's fascinating to see India emerge as a producer of technology, not just a consumer," said enthusiastic Gupta.

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