Indian Talents In Silicon Valley Return Home To Join Startups

BANGALORE: Highly intellectual Indians of the Silicon Valley variety are shifting from globally renowned American tech companies to India’s noteworthy start-ups wherein homes are relocating from Bay Area to Bangalore.

With identical dollar salaries and massive rang of prospective career opportunities , India prime techs are reeling Indian talent in Silicon valley ; For instance, Disney and Facebook’s switch to Zomato, Google’s switch to Flipkart, from Symantec to Snapdeal and several others, reports ET.

"India is the new land of opportunity for these Indians who had left home." said entrepreneur-turned-academic Vivek Wadhwa, who has been observing Silicon Valley intently."The smart entrepreneurs have already returned, tens of thousands more will return over the next 2-3 years," he adds.

Stanford graduate Tanmay Saksena made his switch from being a vice-president at Disney's Palo Alto, California, to join zomato instead. "India is smelling like the Silicon Valley." said Saksena.

Furthermore, start-ups like Zomato’s newly found app has currently moved to 22 counties and are evening planning to expand their ambition on a global scale. Thus being part of the many start-ups that are drawing top talents from Silicon Valley to their business.

"The idea is always world domination, if you speak anything less than that, you are not ambitious enough.

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