Indian Entrepreneur's 'ATM' Solution to Nation's Water Crisis

Bangalore:  About 3/4th part of the earth is known to be covered by water out of which 97 percent constitutes sea water and 3 percent is fresh water. Out of this 3 percent only 1 percentage of water is good to drink. Though India is a peninsula the availability of water is drastically less and there are plenty of reported deaths due to unavailability of drinking water. In this situation of crisis, there is an Indian entrepreneur, Anand Shah, who is striving relentlessly to ensure that his country men have good access to drinking water all the time.  

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Sarvajal is a company that was established in 2008 to address the increasing need of water in the Indian community especially in the rural areas. In Sanskrit, ‘sarva’ means everyone and ‘jal’ means water which is when put together becomes ‘Sarvajal’ – water for everyone. This startup was originally set up as a nonprofit experiment in 2007 but the thriving needs of people has reformed it to the current name. The company stats depict that it has around 154 rural franchises and it also claims that it has around 84,854 people drinking clean water through Sarvajal, reports

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