SiliconIndia's Startup of the Week: ChargeBee

Bangalore: In a constant march towards perfection, startups have certain obligations to fulfill and these might sometimes be way beyond their control. A startup entrepreneur might find it difficult to bridge the gap between his product and other products or services that help his product grow and flourish in the market.  To help startup entrepreneurs concentrate on their product by taking up a few operational responsibilities a Chennai based startup, ChargeBee has come forward with excellent solution.

In an exclusive interview with SiliconIndia KP Saravanan, co-founder of ChargeBee voiced his thoughts saying, “In SaaS, the team has seen certain core functions of almost every application being built on the cloud being repeated. This includes billing & signup process. With large-scale adoption of SaaS and supporting services coming up online, we see a huge opportunity to build a platform that serves the SMB segment in providing billing services. The application of online subscription billing as a model is tremendous across multiple verticals, as the business model by itself is quite nascent. It has a long way to mature and we are betting on it.”

ChargeBee’s Business Model

ChargeBee provides an online billing platform that completes the use cases of a specific vertical, namely SaaS.  This startup looks at providing a complete billing solution that helps a startup focus only on their core functioning while the rest of the operational responsibility is taken care of.

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