Homegrown Shopping Startups Outrun Facebook And Twitter In Popularity

Bangalore: If you ever thought that the youth in our country limit themselves within social media boundaries then you are mistaken. The current generation of youth and adults too are strongly proving the fact that facebook and twitter is not everything and there is still more on the World Wide Web. 

In a recent survey conducted by Cuponation.in, one of India’s leading startups in the coupon space, it was revealed that Indians are quickly adopting online shopping and the feeling of insecurity has long gone past their minds.

With numerous startups coming forward dealing with a whole variety of goods and services, the attention of people is slowly being directed towards these shopping portals. Interesting offers and great deals lure the young folks, from social media to shopping online.

Branding and marketing of products and services on Facebook, Twitter and Google AdWords have increased the popularity of these brands among internet lovers. The survey reported that 76 percent of the total respondents log on the World Wide Web on an average of 3 times or more in a month to shop online which is comparatively coherent with the international trend of 76  percent.

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