Hail Your Autorickshaw With mGaadi

mGaadi, an initiative by serial social entrepreneurs Vishy Kuruganti  and Solomon Prakash, former country director of Ashoka, the global non-profit that supports social entrepreneurship, will be win-win situation for both the drivers and the commuters. The main aim of mGaadi is to bridge the communication gap between the drivers and the regular users.

Prakash runs the India Drivers Network, and mGaadi is the company’s go-to market product, which is systemically designed to solve commuter and driver problems, and which works well for both.  The app is a boon for the autodrivers as they do not have to waste time and fuel by driving around searching for commuters thereby increasing their income as well. The mGaadi team has 550 autodrivers on their roster who have agreed to stick by the meter. For the autodrivers who do not own smartphones, the mGaadi team has provided them with cheap GPS devices.

Prior to mGaadi, Easy Auto which was launched in 2007 had to shut down due to scaling issues; while Pune based Autowale, which operates on similar terms as mGaadi, has been successful in its pilot project in Bangalore and intends to soon start operations here.

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