Gravolite Partners with 56th National Kho Kho Championship

Gravolite Partners with 56th National Kho Kho Championship
Gravolite, one of the leading sports mat manufacturers in India, became the official supplier of Kho Kho mats for the 56th national Kho Kho championship scheduled to be held from 27th March 2024 to 1st April 2024 in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium & Karnail Singh Stadium,Delhi. These state-of-the art mats have been approved by the Kho Kho Federation of India.
Gravolite  Kho Kho Mats will be used throughout the tournament considering the infrastructural requirement recommended by the Federation as per international standards and keeping in mind the safety and well-being of the athletes.
Vaibhav Somani, Director of Gravolite, said, We are excited to be the official manufacturer and supplier of 56th National Kho Kho championship. Kho Kho has been a sport that has not received much recognition in the Indian sports industry in the past but, with such  national level tournaments, players get the acknowledgment and motivation to perform better. We have been manufacturing world-class Kho Kho mats to safeguard the health and well-being of the players. Sometimes, playing such combat sports on ground soil can cause severe injuries or lifelong disabilities to the athletes. But, with Gravolite Kho Kho mats, the athletes get the desired cushion base and floor padding which helps them to maneuver moves without having to sustain injury.
Mr, Somani further added we are honoured  to contribute to the success of 56th national Kho Kho championship and to the advancement of Kho Kho  as a sport. He further added that 56th Kho Kho championship is a national level tournament, and providing high-quality international mats is our priority.
Source: Press Release