Dhruva successfully evaluates satellite orbital deployers

Dhruva successfully evaluates satellite orbital deployers
In its third successful space mission, Hyderabad-based spacetech startup Dhruva Space has space-qualified its 3U and 6U cubesat Dhruva Space Satellite Orbital Deployers (DSODs) as well as its Dhruva Space Orbital Link (DSOL) as part of ISRO’s PSLV-C55 mission on April 22 this year at Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.
While DSOD-3U is an extension of its DSOD-1U, which was successfully tested in June last year on ISRO’s PSLV-C53 and used to deploy the two Thybolt nanosats last year, DSOD-6U was tested for storage and delayed deployment of cubesats in LEO (lower earth orbits) or higher orbits.
This will let customers leverage its deployers for storing satellites in orbit or for lunar missions, the startup said. DSOD-3U and DSOD-6U will be used to deploy Dhruva Space’s under-development cubesats P-30 and P-90. The DSOL, which has been designed to support satellite-based data relay applications, will also be integral in the startup’s future missions. 
“Specifically, the configurable transceiver was made for telemetry, telecommand and control, and payload data download with high data rates in S&X band with multiple modulations. Successful reception was confirmed from ISTRAC Port Blair Ground Station,” Dhruva Space said.
Terming successful completion of the latest mission as a proud moment, Dhruva Space founder CEO Sanjay Nekkanti said, completing three space missions in less than a year was a milestone. “The global market can expect greater things as we continue to fly our own or fly our customers’ payloads on every PSLV mission,” he added.