A co-founder of Globevestor launches a micro-VC firm with offices across the Us, India and Canada

A co-founder of Globevestor launches a micro-VC firm with offices across the Us, India and Canada
The founder of Globevestor just revealed the opening of Momentum Capital, a brand-new international micro-VC firm. Momentum Capital, which has operations in Canada, India, and the US, specialises on seed-stage Indian businesses and makes use of its extensive worldwide network to support their international expansion.
Ankur, who co-founded Globevestor in 2013, has backed more than 40 startups, including the successes Agnikul, Springboard, Zoomcar, Devtron, Good Health Company, Flintobox, and many others. His prior investments span a variety of sectors, including EdTech, SaaS, and the environment. His previous portfolio companies have received over $500 million in funding from Sequoia, Accel, Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Insight Partners, Foundation Capital, and others. They are currently valued at over USD 1.5 billion.
"At Globevestor, we successfully pioneered a focused cross-border, hybrid-VC approach to investing across the US-India corridor to support Indian startup founders. Momentum Capital is an organic jump in the journey to deeply leverage our global network & cross-border presence for the benefit of Indian startup founders," Ankur Shrivastava (Founder & Managing Partner, Momentum Capital) shared.
Momentum Capital aggressively supports entrepreneurs' global scaling thanks to its multi-national workforce and extensive network in Canada, India, and the US. Its strong and impressive advisory board and partner network includes Bill Draper (Founder, Sutter Hill Ventures), Adam Draper (Founder, Boost VC), Adeo Ressi (Chairman, Founder Institute), Mike Suprovici (Head of Acceleration, VC Lab), Abhilash Singh (Founding Partner, Auctus Advisors), and numerous global CXOs from top VC/PE firms, tech giants, blitzscaling.
"We've consciously chosen a strong set of advisors, investors, and venture partners across continents and verticals, to supercharge access to global capital and knowledge for Indian founders at the seed stage itself. I've shifted base to North America recently to double down on this further," Ankur added.
The company has already finalised a few stealth investments, and despite being generally sector-agnostic, it will have a preference for technology businesses with a focus on the environment, health, and SaaS. Although a few globally competitive firms have been developed in India in recent years, the company predicts that a large number of future global tech stars will be born in India. "For Indian businesses, it is still a terrific time to build despite the prolonged finance cold. With more financial restraint, we hope to partner with passionate founders who are creating for India and the rest of the globe. We're here to help them wherever they go in their quest for victory "I'm done, says Ankur.
Momentum Capital is a multinational micro-VC business with operations in Canada, the United States, and India. It invests in pre-seed and seed stage Indian technology startups across industries, with a preference for SaaS, health, and the environment. The company boosts global network leverage for Indian founders at the earliest stages thanks to a robust group of advisors, investors, and partners with substantial investing experience distributed across continents & verticals.