A carbon-neutral drone will be unveiled by Garuda Aerospace at the World Economic Forum

A carbon-neutral drone will be unveiled by Garuda Aerospace at the World Economic Forum
Garuda Aerospace, the largest and most valued drone startup in India, will present the world's first carbon-neutral drone at the Indian Sustainability Lounge in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2023. Agnishwar Jayaprakash, the founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, spoke about drones, environmental sustainability, carbon neutrality, and the company's duty to advance humankind.
Garuda Aerospace will transform the agriculture industry by producing over 25,000 drones over the course of the next 15 months. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 100 Kisan drones in 100 villages throughout India, ushering in the second iteration of the agricultural Green Revolution. Youth in India now have career opportunities because to this.
Garuda Aerospace Pvt Ltd's effort, the "Kisan Drone Yatra," was launched by PM Modi, who then signalled the departure of 100 "Kisan Drones" in a number of Indian cities and towns in order to spray pesticides on farmland throughout the country's states. In 100 villages throughout 16 Indian states, including Goa, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh, the 100 Kisan Drones were launched.
The farmers may increase their income by using the high-capacity Kisan drones to quickly deliver their produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers, to marketplaces. In Manesar, Haryana, the PM spoke to the farmers during the inauguration. The Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana, served as the starting point for the Kisan Drone Yatra. Insecticide and nutrient spraying, crop assessment, and digitalization of land data are further uses for the Kisan Drones.
"It's an honour to introduce the DGCA-approved, Made in India, carbon-neutral drones from Garuda Aerospace as well as the ESG target of positively affecting 1 billion Indians with drone technology at the World Economic Forum's Davos 2023 conference. It is a great honour for me to share my expertise with global political leaders, business titans, and policymakers as a representative of Tamil Nadu. I spoke in a fruitful panel discussion where I emphasised forward-thinking government policies and how the startup scene is making India a hub for drone technology by 2030 "Agnishwar Jayaprakash stated.
Agnishwar Jayaprakash stated, "I also appreciate the government for its progressive policies and for altering the environment by deploying a green carbon-neutral drone that has also touched farmers throughout India and climate change. Drones manufactured in India by Garuda Aerospace are being used in numerous multi-billion dollar industries, including agricultural, infrastructure, industry 4.0, and defence. Garuda's growth strategy calls for it to touch 1 billion lives in order to become India's first drone unicorn startup.