Startup Founders Embracing Entrepreneurial Potential In Employees

BANGALORE: It’s quite a story when one who is struck by an idea so happens to have an understanding boss with whom he confines in, who in turn takes the idea forward and then attains success upon that.

Well that’s how it turned out for two employees who came up with the idea for a ready-to-cook food delivery firm. The epitome of a one-of- a -kind boss throws light on Ambarish Gupta, founder and chief executive of Knowlarity who took forward the wonderstruck employees Sanny Chaudhary and Daman Singh, down the path of startup. With the guidance of a supportive boss CookGourment came into form. Presently dealing with the momentous success, the duos continue to zap ideas at Gupta while probing for funds from angel investors.

 In the light of such an event, it only stands to show the rapid escalation of startups in India as a growing number of founders are welcoming the possibility that employees could be budding entrepreneurs and albeit  that there is no stakes to claim they are even instilling the notion of  new ventures, reports ET.

With a high mortality industry that are in favor of employee-entrepreneurs or 'intrapreneurs' are seen as god sent and the reason behind the launching of several startups. Intrapreneurs not only gain an experienced mentor but also have the way paved for starting up and have easier access to investors who receive them upon referrals."Having been associated with a successful startup works in our favor when we approach investors as they know that we have been through the process of challenges, apart from a recall value," said Chaudhary of the Delhi based CookGourmet.

"Many startups have come out of Knowlarity," said Gupta, founder of cloud-telephony Company. "An employee typically tells us two-three months ahead of breaking out to start their own venture. Since our ideas are IP-protected, we are not worried about being copied." He added, Gupta is currently mentoring several other potential startups.

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