7 Car Startups That Have Gone Undetected

BANGALORE: The cycle of events have had it toll in the automobile industry where the trace of success that was once cast on several big players has now bewitched rookies to join the league.

In the course of action, be it Tesla’s production or any foreign names, the resounding similarities of the past, is bound to strike when destined newbie’s make their mark while others fade into the abyss.

Here are seven startup car companies that roves undetected from the public forum, reports Cheatsheet.


Lightning Car Company

England based startup the Lightning Car Company that took form eight years ago, led the making of an electric sports car, Lightning GT. The delivery date that was expected to release in 2009 faced several setbacks and was continuously rescheduled. However, if the company does settle in on a date for the production and keeps it, the GT without a doubt is sure to make it big. Being an attractive car as it is, it would have a perfect fitting besides the Tesla Model S.

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