8 Indian Self Driving Rental Car and Bike Startups

BENGALURU: The wish to drive a car is universal and once you know the tricks and turns, you will feel more nagged towards it. Yet the wish remains untrue as you might not own your personal vehicle.

Keeping this drawback in head, and not let your driving skills boom in the sky, startups in India are now out that lend cars on time basis what you can drive. Though terms and conditions are included, yet this is a good way to paint your driving skills. The same also becomes very useful in major critical situations. In case of medical issues or any other emergency, you can rely on them to get a car and serve the needful.

Though this rent auto kind startups are still growing in number; yet the ones that are now popular are as follows:


Owned by auto giant Carzonrent, this one is the largest auto hire service of the country that has spread its services in 21 major cities across the nation and has in store around 1000 fleet of cars. From high end Mercedes or BMW to hatch backs like Reva is available in options. Founder and chief executive officer, Myles, Sakshi Vij, describes the advantage of using car rental services, “It’s a depreciating asset. Even if you drive a car you buy for only 150 days in a year, you still pay for 365 days. When you hire a car, you can use it for 25 days a month or just 2-3 hours a day, and pay for that much only.” You are charged on hour or day basis, and also offered mass discounts in case of monthly or long spanned bookings.

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