6 Ways to Identify a Potential Entrepreneur Who's More than Just a Dreamer

Bangalore: Being a visionary, thinker, inventor or a dreamer is just not it; you are not complete unless you are a do-er in today’s business world. It is the execution of an idea which is important because everybody can think and get ideas, at least most of us. But to execute an idea and to make change in the business environment it demands knowledge and courage. It does not matter on how great the idea is, at the end what matters the most is the execution of it which can create a change and generate wealth. Continue reading to learn more and to identify an entrepreneur who is just not a dreamer as compiled by Business Insider.


An evangelist

This entrepreneur is enthusiastic and powerful. He actively looks for help and approaches anybody who can help him convert his idea into a business. He is not afraid and is confident with his idea; he is ready to share the idea with colleagues, customers, suppliers, employees, friends and peers.

A good listener

Good performers and executors ask tough questions and good leaders or entrepreneurs don’t get away without listening to such questions. They dig deep and ask more questions and this entrepreneur has an answer for all such questions or he keeps a track of them and answers them on priority basis. He understands every question and also the importance of lending an ear to them.