6 Indian Startups Making A Huge Difference In Farming

#5 Farms and Farmers

Founded in: 2011

Founder: Shashank Kumar

Concept: Technology-based solutions to improve agriculture.

An IIT-ian from Delhi, Shashank teamed up with Manish Kumar, another IIT-ian from Kharagpur alumnus, pooled all their savings to set up Farms and Farmers in the state of Bihar. The Startup develops technological processes to help farmers scientifically evaluate the quality and conditions of the soil and to decide which crop is best to grow in the given soil and weather conditions. They also help farmers to set up a right pitch to market the produce. Currently, this startup works with thousand different farmers from nine districts across India.

#4 Frontalrain Technologies

Founded in: 2010

Founders: Jayaram Srinivasan, Ravi Mandayam, Sreeram P

Concept: Deliver On-demand Agribusiness Solutions.

This Bangalore-based Startup was founded by three Senior Software Engineers from SAP. FrontalRain Technologies offers high-impact software solutions for Agribusinesses and Food Processing companies to achieve supply chain excellence. With their combined experience and expertise these entrepreneurs have set up cloud-based food supply chain software that effectively serves everyone involved in the Agribusiness; from farmers, fertilizer suppliers and food processors to exporters, marketers and logistic sales providers. Their flagship product Software Rain+ helps any small-scale to large-scale business entrepreneurs to set-up an on-line business smoothly and to interact with more customers.