10 Greatest Indian Entrepreneurs History has Ever Seen

Bangalore: Entrepreneurship has since always been a great tradition and a source of immense success in the Indian ecosystem. From the Mina Bazaaris of the Mughal era, the industrial pioneers of early twentieth century to the massive telecom and modern businessmen of the present era, entrepreneurs and their passion for building huge empires has always impressed the world.

Some of the entrepreneurial dynasties that belong to Indian founders have made their mark on universal level of business and have caused huge impacts in the world market. KannanWrites has listed ten such great Indian founders and entrepreneurs who will be always remembered for their contribution to Indian industry and their impact on markets all around the world.

Let us take a look at the Indian entrepreneurial magnates.

10. Walchand Hirachand Doshi

23 November 1882 – 8 April 1953

The one who dared to dream

The son of a small time money lender and with no entrepreneurial history at all, Walchand always had a big dream that he wanted to live. Soon after completing his matriculation, he started taking railway contracts in partnership with Laxmanrao Phatak who was a clerk at the railways. His never ending zeal to grab whatever novel ventures came affront resulted in the end of the partnership. Wlachand will always be remembered for having started the first ever Indian aircraft company, Hindustan Aircraft and his contribution to Indian Shipping industry via Scindia Steam Navigation Company and Hindustan Shipyard Limited.