10 Amazing Big Data Startups That You Can Bet On

Bangalore: Things are changing quickly in the west and we have always been fascinated on how technology and enterprise solutions are being built with accuracy there. In the recent times, Big Data has gained great prominence and most startups today are concentrating on providing enterprise solutions as it is the next big thing in the startup eco-system.  Statistically, it can also be figured out that enterprise and big data startups find it easier to procure funds  compared to startups in other genre. Here is a compilation of some of the best big data startups from the U.S. that are creating a revolution, as compiled by cio.com.


Cloudera is a startup in the big data sector with a lot of high profile clients as customers. With $140 million that it procured in funding, Cloudera has a great client list that includes CBS Interactive, eBay, Expedia, Monsanto and Samsung.

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