Traditional Indian Beverages That Will Make You Slurp!

Bangalore: Indian culture is reflected in the cuisine and not just Indian food but beverages too are unique and are sure to make you slurp. They beverages are not just mouth watering but have a little history and tradition attached to it as they come from various parts of the country. Here are few of the traditional Indian beverages you must try, as listed by Walk Through India.


Lassi is a savory drink that originated from Punjab. It is occasionally flavored with ground and roasted cumin. Sweet lassi is a variation to the regular lassi. It contains sugar or fruits, instead of spices. Lassis are hot-weather refreshments and are enjoyed chilled, mostly taken with lunch. With a little turmeric powder mixed in it, it can also be used as remedy for gastroenteritis.

Another variation to lassi is also chhaas, generally salt and crushed cumin seeds are added into it to enhance its taste. Sometimes, mustard seeds, asafoetida, grated ginger, finely diced green chillies are added to accentuate the flavour of the chhaas. The difference between the two is that chhaas is the liquid left after extracting butter and lassi is water blended with yogurt.


Toddy is an alcoholic beverage that is created from the sap of various species of palm tree like the coconut palms, palmyra and date palms. The drink is common in various parts of Asia and Africa, and goes by various names like kallu in South India. It is a well known drink in Kerala. Toddy is also a beverage in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

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