Top 5 Wine Myths That Won't Die

Bangalore: Wine has become very accessible over the past several years and the myths and mysteries surrounding it have been mostly exposed. However, there are a few lingering myths out there and there are those 5 most frequent ones debunked by Tim Elliott from Honest Cooking.

1. Decanting Wines

One of the biggest myths about wines goes like this - red wines should be kept uncorked for hours before serving or decanted to get their best. However, Elliott says the vast majority of red wines do not need to be opened to "breathe" or decanted to show their best. “In fact, I would estimate only 15-20 percent of all wine produced today should be given air before serving,” he writes. Those wines that benefit from aeration usually come from specific places and are generally made in comparatively small quantities. Most of the different verities of red wines can be simply opened and immediately poured to be fully enjoyed.