Top 10 Best Restaurants On The Globe

Mugaritz, Spain

Mugaritz has been in the top list by Restaurants since 2006, after it came into life in 1998 under the supervision of architect chef Andoni Luiz Aduriz. It’s referred to with many other connotations by the press and media. They are ‘the most adventurous restaurant of the world’ or ‘the most important gastronomic phenomenon of the world in recent times.” Located on the hills, many a times the food served seems like stones in Mugaritz but the chef Aduriz assures, “The taste of the edible stone matters less than those five seconds you spend in suspension, wondering if you’re really about to eat a stone — and what that will taste like. Yes, it’s a sort of dare: Are you willing to come with us? If you aren’t, then our failure is guaranteed.”

Dinner, London

This elegant, contemporary and innovative food style, stands distant from any other restaurant of the city. Too much to notice in the interiors as the décor elements are indeed different- like, glass walls, ivory painted walls, pulley system in drawing curtains and more. To relish food in this fascinating restaurant you need to reserve a table in advance. Don’t worry, their advance booking facility rolls to 90days.

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