Top 10 Best Restaurants On The Globe

Noma, Denmark

Serving the best of Denmark cuisine, the fusion nordic palates restaurant is located in Copenhagen with René Redzepi as the chef and owner. Scandinavian dishes like Icelandic seaweed, Faroese deep-sea fish, Greenlandic musk ox and sorrel from Danish forests are also a part of the Noma menu. But the most popular creation of the chef till now is— White asparagus with poached egg yolk and sauce of woodruff is the most popular dish from the food chart of Noma. On your visit, please make sure that you have prior table bookings.

Eleven Madison Park, New York

Known for its unique location at the famous Met Life building, this restaurant facilitates a panoramic view of the Madison Square Park. With dedication from the lead chefs Chef Daniel Humm and Co-Owner Will Guidara, the restaurant has bagged several awards and international recognition with the New York Times awarding four stars. To experience this world famous culinary touch, one needs to go for an advance table booking. Eleven Madison offers table bookings for up to 28 days to avoid delay.

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