Adverse Effect of Smartphone on Kids & Strategies to Overcome it


Children tend to absorb more than 60 percent of mobile radiations as compared to the adults, due to their delicate and sensitive brain skin, bones & tissues. Their tender nervous system makes them more prone to the carcinogen. The smartphones not only affect the kid’s health but also hinder their social competence, where the child gets engaged with the smartphones throughout, and tends to avoid involving in other activities such as sports, outdoor games, mingling with family & peers, and many more. This results in lack of creativity, innovation, and problem solving skills among children. Furthermore, these devices isolate the kids and gradually lead them into depression.

Even the tech titans who renewed the technology use, such as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban has restrained their kids from using gadgets; even after their kids attained teens they were permitted to access the devices only with the restricted screen time. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, once said that solution for broken school system is introducing more technology, but he wants his daughters to read Dr. Seuss and play outside, rather than using mobile phones.