Adverse Effect of Smartphone on Kids & Strategies to Overcome it

smart phones

With the growing technological advancements, it is hard for the parents to keep their children away from the gadgets, especially the mobile phones. These devices emit radio waves and blue lights, which are quite hazardous; the radio waves not just surround ones ears but penetrates deep into the brain and results in disturbed brain activity, which in turn leads to impaired learning ability and induce other behavioral problem among children. In addition to this, blue light emitted by the digital screens can cause blindness.

Recently, a four year old girl from Thailand had to undergo an eye surgery due to the excessive use of mobile phone. According to her father, he allowed his daughter to use the phone at a tender age of two to keep her occupied while he was busy with his work. The girl gradually got addicted to the device and later developed lazy eye at the age of four, a condition that occurs when the vision is impaired, and it is not correctable by spectacles.