Untold Similarities between Indian Leaders

BENGALURU: 68 years have passed since our country gained its independence. And during this period, great politicians have occupied the highest offices at the centre. Though everyone had or has their own individual traits and different kind of aura and charisma about them, there were a few ideologies and beliefs that were common amongst them. Here we look at a few similarities between the politicians of now and old.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Narendra modi

The first and foremost is that both hail from Gujarat, though when Patel was born, there was no state called Gujarat, it was a part of the Bombay Presidency. Our Prime Minister, like the Iron Man, is a staunch believer of nationalism. Both Modi and Patel have been in the past and are still branded as communal. Modi is also a supporter of sound financial economics, a matter which Patel advocated extensively. And finally, Patel got his nickname ‘The Iron Man of India’ because of his guts, he was a risk taker and quick decision maker which is an obvious trait we can see in our PM. Especially the visit to Nawaz Shariff’s residence. No one saw that coming!

Anna Hazare and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Both the Father of the Nation and Anna Hazare advocated non-violence and resorted to fasts and movements to achieve their objectives. They believed that violence and armed warfare would only put the country in turmoil rather than doing any good for it. Anna himself is a Gandhian and follows many of Bapu’s ideals.

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