The Most Traffic-Congested Cities on the Planet

Palermo, Italy:

An Italian city, Palermo known for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its existence, is today well known for its worst traffic.

Although, this city has a population of less than one million, it boasts of worst traffic jams and the unenviable title of Italy’s traffic jam capital with a 40 percent “congestion index”.

In Palermo, it takes 40 percent longer to complete a journey in heavy traffic than would be necessary in “free-flow” (non-congested) conditions, the study said. Motorists in Palermo spend extra thirty-nine minute delay for every hour they spend in the city’s traffic, which means that they spend ninety hours a year in total.

Manchester, UK:

Known as the fastest growing city in Britain, Manchester is one of Europe's slowest-moving cities when it comes to traffic. This city is renowned as the world's first industrialized city, fares high on traffic congestion. Drivers in this city waste an average of almost 46 hours stuck in traffic every year, according to a major traffic study.

This made Manchester, the 12th most congested area in the whole of Europe. In addition, the four-mile stretch of Princess Parkway, which cuts through the south of the city from Northenden to Mancunian Way, was one of Britain’s most clogged routes.

Manchester is also the third-most visited city in the UK by overseas visitors, after London and Edinburgh, and the most visited in England outside London.

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