The Most Traffic-Congested Cities on the Planet

BANGALORE: Go anywhere, in any parts of the world, traffic is a major problem faced in today’s era. Therefore, TomTom, a maker of navigation and GPS systems, gathers data from users around the world to create a traffic index that shows congestion in urban areas.

The index measures travel times throughout the day and during peak periods and compares them with non-congested periods. In this study, local roads, arterials and highways are taken into account. All data is based on actual GPS based measurements and for each city, the sample size is expressed in total number of measured kilometers for the period.

Here are the 7 cities in the world with the most congested traffic.

Warsaw, Poland:

The Polish capital, Warsaw over the past few years has seen major infrastructural changes amidst increased foreign investment and economic growth.

The city has a much-improved infrastructure with new roads, flyovers and bridges. Public transport in Warsaw is ubiquitous, serving the city with buses, tramways, and metro.

Although many streets were widened, and new ones are built, the city is presently plagued with traffic problems and as such is listed as the 7th most traffic congested city.

Since the past 15 years, car ownership in this city has roughly doubled. It is in a way a reflection of the country's economic success. However, road-building programs have failed to keep pace. Today, for drivers in this city, the average commute time takes 44 percent longer compared to quiet times.

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