Online Success: 6 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host

Online Success: 6 Signs You Need to Change Your Web Host

Creating and designing a business website takes time. And once you have your website ready, you may be tempted to stay with the same web host because you’re familiar with them.

And for some businesses, staying with the same web host for a long period of time works great! If you’ve managed to find a web host that is meeting the needs of your business and you’re comfortable with, there isn’t any reason to change.

For other businesses, however, staying with the wrong web host could compromise the security of your website and lower the amount of traffic that visits your site. This means that your website could be harming your sales and reputation.

If you want your website to be as successful as possible, you need to be using the right web host. And there are certain signs you should watch out for that indicate it is time to switch your web host.

Site takes forever to load

Users want websites to load within two or three seconds. If your website takes longer than that to load, people could begin getting frustrated and instead go to a competitor’s website. Slow websites can be caused by several things, including a lack of bandwidth or an overall poor web host. If you have tried upgrading your bandwidth and your site is still slow, you may want to switch hosting providers for a more optimized site.

Repeated downtime

While every host goes down on occasion to make updates, most good web hosts will announce these updates in advance. If you find your website repeatedly going down, and the web host doesn’t have an explanation for why or isn’t helping to find a solution, it is time to switch. Keep in mind that customers can’t access your website while it is down, so whenever you experience downtime, you’re potentially losing business and sales.

Poor security features

You need security features, such as malware scanning and regular backups, to help keep your site protected. If your website isn’t secure, your website could be vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks. It could even be dropped from search engines. To protect both your site and the users who are visiting your site, you need to make sure your web host is offering upgraded security features. If they aren’t, it is time to switch.

Bad customer service

Most hosts offer some sort of customer service, whether it is email support, chat support, or forum support. However, if you reach out to them for help with a billing issue or help to figure out why your website is down, and they don’t get back to you promptly or they provide you with an inadequate answer, it is time to look for a host that places more value on their customers.

Need more features

Maybe there are certain features you’re looking for, such as the ability to support certain plugins, that your current web host doesn’t offer. Or maybe you need to increase your bandwidth, but there isn’t an option for an upgraded package. Sometimes, you might find that you have outgrown your existing web host. Once this happens, you have no other choice than to start looking for a new one that has the features you need.

Price is getting too high

You might start to notice that the charges for your host go up every year, but haven’t noticed any changes such as improved features. Or, even worse, you start to notice unexplained charges on your credit card and customer service can’t tell you why. Or in the case of some small businesses, you could be paying features you aren’t using. If your current web host is breaking the bank, look for more affordable options.

Finding a new web host

When it comes time to switch your web host, make sure to do your research. If you need help getting started, consider using a site such as Fortune Lords, which specialize in reviews, to find some of the best hosting in India. You should look at several different web hosts before deciding on a host. Make sure that the host has all the features you need, is secure, and offers bandwidth upgrades if needed.

Final thoughts

Your web host should aid in the success of your business, not prohibit it. If you find yourself repeatedly unsatisfied with your web host or if you’ve outgrown your current web host, it could be time to start looking for another one. The longer you stick with an inadequate web host, the more business you lose.