Men Who Received Capital Punishment in India

Bangalore:  The recent verdict of 16 December Delhi gang rape case has proved that Indian Judiciary still stands for what is right and are against such heinous and barbaric offence. In September 2013, the four convicts of this case- Mukesh, 26, Akshay Thakur, 28, Pawan Gupta, 19 and Vinay Sharma, 20, have received capital punishment by a Delhi Court. "Death to all," Additional Sessions Judge Yogesh Khanna said while delivering the verdict in the case that has evoked nationwide outrage and led the government to bring in a stringent anti-rape law.

In India, this is not the first ever case where death sentence had been awarded to the offenders by courts. Read on to know about the people who received death sentence for the crimes they committed, as listed by

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