Meet These Business Gurus of the Indian Diaspora Revolutionizing the 'Kismet' of the US B-Schools

Why are so many provosts of the selective U.S. business schools of Indian descent? Let's find out.

Recent years have seen a buoyant trend in the appointment of provosts in most prestigious B schools in the U.S. with an elite cadre of Indian-Americans now emerging as thought leaders at some of the country's premier business institutions.

It is a small, but an expanding community of highly intelligent people of Indian descent have led or currently lead more than 20 B schools in the U.S. alone. For a community that barely represents a negligible percentage of the U.S. population, the figure is an eye-catching one and potentially portends the emergence of a fostering trend.

Many factors explain this 'proliferation' of Indian-origin academics heading most selective academic institutions in the U.S., which are seeking both academic excellence and open leadership approach in the candidates.

The decision of a large number of doctorates and postgraduates from India to stay on as teachers after completing higher studies is one among those. The legendary American spirit of embracing diversity and the Indian tendency to bring global and multi-cultural outlook along with their academic credentials could also be pointed out as potential reasons behind this trend.

Apart from the technical mastery, Indians also have the advantage over immigrants from other nationalities of being fluent in English.

The Indian-American B school deans have acquired higher degrees and reputations on their way to the top of the heap. However, the role of IIT's, India's premier technology education institutions, in moulding such great business mentors is quite apparent here.

Here is the list of Eight Indian-American Business "Gurus" who shaped the minds of future leaders by taking the helm of these management schools and left a distinct Indian imprint on the U.S. and global education arena. 

Jaishankar Ganesh

Jaishankar Ganesh, a well-known business education trailblazer and expert in international marketing, had served as the Dean of the prestigious Rutgers School of Business-Camden, and became the very first Indian- American to get the coveted post. 

He joined Rutgers as its fourth dean and engraved his name in golden letters by becoming the first full and permanent Dean of Asian-Indian descent, there. He stepped down from the position on July 1, this year. 

Prior to this appointment, he served as an associate dean for administration and executive education at the University of Central Florida's College of Business Administration. 

 He earned his Ph.D. in marketing and international business from the University of Houston, where he also earned his MBA.

 He received a Bachelor's degree in instrument technology from the Madras Institute of Technology at Anna University, and a bachelor's degree in physics from the Loyola Autonomous College at the University of Madras, in India.  

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