IIM -K Live Incubated Startup Splendre to Innovate Digital Ad Delivery

IIM -K Live Incubated Startup Splendre to Innovate Digital Ad Delivery

An IIM Kozhikode Live incubated startup, Splendre EyeMag Pvt Ltd announces that it is set to disrupt the out-of -home advertising with the launch of its state- of-the –art digital ad delivery network. Splendre’s uniquely engineered ad delivery technology is designed to help brands successfully deliver their campaigns over digital screens and measure the impact to determine the campaign’s effectiveness. It is developed with in-built capabilities for dynamic creatives, contextual triggers and audience analytics.

Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director, IIM Kozhikode states, “Innovative technology developed by out start-up Splendre would play a significant role in bringing much needed RoI driven decision making in outdoor advertising. Such moments, when the start-ups incubated at our entrepreneurship development center, gain traction in the market and start making real impact, provide us the great satisfaction.”

Splendre Ad Delivery Network is a combination of custom hardware & software that has integration capabilities of digital ads to large display screens to maximize the campaign outcome with measurement analytics and customized reporting.

Speaking about Splendre, Prof. Keyoor Purani, Executive Director - IIMK LIVE, says, “It is important for brands to have real-time audience analytics to measure the impact of their advertisements. With a platform that leverages AI and machine learning, Splendre is creating new possibilities for brands to enhance the reach, targeting and impact of their campaigns by offering more bang for the buck.”

“Out-of-home advertising has significantly changed over the years providing numerous opportunities for brands to engage with customers on the go. We envision a future powered by digital ad delivery network that enables brands to seamlessly reach customers, measure and analyse the impact of ad campaigns by increasing the reach across various ambient and outdoor audience touchpoints,” says Axel Balakrishnan, Co-founder & CEO of Splendre.

Splendre aims to change the way ads are been delivered, by using technology solutions to deliver adverts, while providing an end-to-end advertising experience to brands. It is using the cloud based platform for public display advertising. Splendre would provide high tech advantages vide choosing digital media over static forms of outdoor advertising.

Anil Balan, Co-founder & COO of Splendre, says, “Our one of its kind solution is designed to transform the industry by ensuring successful ad delivery and real-time impact measurement. Our Ad Delivery Network leverages the power of the latest technologies like Cloud, IoT, AI and Big Data Analytics to engage customers with targeted messages.”

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