Bayanat and TCS Partner to Enhance AI-Driven Geospatial Solutions

Bayanat and TCS Partner to Enhance AI-Driven Geospatial Solutions
Bayanat, a leading provider of AI-powered geospatial solutions, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a global leader in software and digital solutions based in India. This MoU represents a joint commitment to enhancing TCS' digital farming, sustainability, and digital government offerings using Bayanat's digital twin and geospatial analytics technology.
Under this agreement, Bayanat leverages its expertise in AI-driven geospatial solutions to enhance TCS's advanced digital offerings. Bayanat's proficiency in digital twin and AI-powered geospatial analytics will elevate TCS's digital farming solutions, improving agricultural productivity and sustainability. The integration of Bayanat's technologies will enable TCS to optimize resource management and environmental conservation within its sustainability initiatives, supporting clients in achieving net-zero goals and clean operations. Additionally, Bayanat's technologies will integrate seamlessly into TCS's digital government framework, offering valuable insights to optimize resources and improve business processes, policies, and models.
Hasan Al Hosani, Managing Director of Bayanat, commented, "The collaboration between Bayanat and Tata Consultancy Services demonstrates the limitless opportunities to expand our AI-powered geospatial offerings in India. With shared synergies and a common goal for progress, we anticipate unlocking numerous opportunities for growth and impact in the digital landscape. This collaboration is just the beginning of what we envision as a long and fruitful relationship with TCS".
Ajay Singh, Regional General Manager of the UAE, Kuwait and Oman commented, "The collaboration and partnership between Tata Consultancy Services and Bayanat will help the customers to tackle complex challenges and create value for all stakeholders involved. With TCS Sustainability Solutions that leverages AI/ML-powered analytics will enable organizations to meet sustainability goals through end-to-end emission visibility. Collaborating on the TCS Digital Agriculture Platform can deliver key insights for better crop planning, forecast pest and disease issues, detect infestations, monitor crop health & weather anomalies, and forecast yield".
Vikas Gupta, Head of Government Business of UAE commented, "The collaboration and partnership between Tata Consultancy Services and Bayanat on DigiGov Framework that leverages Business 4.0 pillars – intelligent, agile, automated and on the cloud – will be helpful to drive an organization’s digital ecosystems across digital strategy, technology, stakeholders, domain and business processes, channels and other organizational elements. Through this partnership multiple opportunities can be explored on the areas of Sustainability, Digital Farming and Digi GOV Framework".
This agreement further exemplifies Bayanat’s ongoing efforts in India. Earlier this year, Mira Aerospace, a joint venture between Bayanat and UAVOS, partnered with Veda Aeronautics, an Indian aerospace and defense company specializing in unmanned systems, to develop and manufacture High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) for the Indian market. As Bayanat continues its expansion in India, today's collaboration with TCS highlights its unwavering commitment to advancing innovation in digital farming, sustainability solutions, and digital government frameworks.