Aerospace Engineering - Tips to Become an Industry-Ready Professional

Aerospace Engineering - Tips to Become an Industry-Ready  Professional

B.Tech is one of the most sought-after courses in the country with thousands of students aspiring to pursue career as an engineer. One of the most niche courses in B.Tech degree is aerospace as a specialization. An aerospace engineering course is bound to turn you in to an abled professional with tons of organizations willing to hire you.

With an aerospace engineering course, your curiosity about aircrafts and spacecrafts is quite obvious, as you get to understand how they function and all their intricacies. There is a high demand for aerospace engineers in the job market, hence, you get recruited in the best organizations and that too at a reputable designation. You get to work up close and personal with the best aircrafts, to ensure their smooth functioning.

Being an aerospace engineer is no child’s play as it comes with a lot of responsibilities. As an aerospace engineer, you are expected to have critical thinking, problem solving skills, inquisitiveness, IT expertise and more. All these skills are acquired by you when you pursue an aerospace engineering course during your graduation.

A few tasks that you are expected to perform as an aerospace engineer are aircraft designing, control system programing, communication and instrumentation and more.To become a top-notch industry ready aerospace engineering professional, you can consider the following tips:

Find a Mentor

It is important to have a mentor in your life who can help you through your life. A mentor not only passes on knowledge and skills to students but also provides personal support and professional guidance. They teach you valuable lessons and help you make the right decisions at the right time, carving the right career path. With a mentor like this, you are bound to excel as an aeronautical professional.

Specialized Course

To become an industry ready professional, you require extensive training and knowledge. This can be achieved by pursing an aerospace as your specialization in your B.Tech. A specialized course will help you develop expertise in various technical intricacies involving aerospace such as UAVs, design analysis, air and spacecraft manufacture and more.


Internship is highly beneficial for a student of any field. You get a firsthand experience of the functionality of your field with experienced professionals ever-present to guide and train you. You get an opportunity to network, build your resume, experience work culture, push your limits and a lot more.

Guest Lectures

Since aerospace is ever developing field and new technology is introduced every now and then, there are various guest lectures and conferences you can attend. This will help you stay up to date with the latest development and technologies in the industry. It also a great place to network and meet like minded professionals in the same field.

Industry Visits

It is important to have practical knowledge of an industry that you are interested in, to have a successful career. Since aerospace is such a field where technology advancements happen at a rapid speed, industrial visits become essential to stay acquainted with the changes. It is also an insight into how companies function by interacting with employees and asking questions.

All the above tips will enable you to become an industry-ready aerospace engineer. It is important to note that you must make sure that you choose the best university when it comes to pursuing your B.Tech with specialization in aerospace. One such university with aerospace specialization that has the best faculty and provides practical knowledge like guest lectures and industry visits is UPES. With industry aligned curriculum taught by highly knowledgeable faculty are bound to help you graduate as a highly skilled aerospace engineer. The university also has a great placement track record with over 89% of engineering placements. Waste no time in becoming the best industry-ready professional!

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