Successful Trading with Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a multifunctional platform for online trading. It has proved itself to be a reliable guide in the world of financial markets for hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

The trading platform offers its clients two modes: trading the difference in the asset prices (forex) and Fixed Time Trade. Both modes offer extensive functionality for implementing one’s investment ideas.

Forex mode

Trading Forex involves buying or selling currencies in order to make a profit when the rate increases or declines. For example, a trader can trade the EUR/USD pair at the rate of 1.14000 (1 euro costs 1.14 US dollars) and sell the euro back at the rate of 1.15000.

Fixed Time Trade mode

It is a perfect solution for those who enjoy getting predictable financial results. Fixed Time Trade trading involves buying or selling a contract before a certain date (expiration) and getting specified returns. The risks of using this instrument are strictly limited, which prevents traders from getting a negative result like losing a larger amount than that of the investment.

Demo account

You can test your trading potential without any risk using a special training account. It offers a trader 10 000 demo currency units and accurately imitates trading both forex and Fixed Time Trade.

If there are less than 5 000 unites left on your training account, you can regain the initial amount of 10 000 as many times as you need it.

Trading platform

The platform interface is almost the same in both modes. The price chart can be presented as Japanese candlesticks, bars, HeikinAshi candles or a line chart. A trader can select any time frame he or she needs.

To the right of the chart, there is a trade menu with a window where you can enter the investment amount and other criteria of the trade.There is also a panel to choose the assets, which can be adjusted to your preference.

Trading platform

To study the situation in the market carefully, traders use the technical analysis tools. There are 24 indicators available on the platform, as well as extra graphical solutions: horizontal and trend lines.

Forex mode potential

Trading the difference in currency rates, metals or crypto assets value us like traditional commerce. It should be noted in the forex market, you can open a short position (when you expect the asset to go down in value) and profit from the decline of the quotes.

If you start using a multiplier—a special tool that increases the trade amount by up to 200 times—you can improve your trading result on Olymp Trade by a hundredfold.

If a trader used a x200 multiplier, the amount of profit he or she got at the given example would be more than $20 000. You can use several versions of a multiplier:

  • For currency pairs - from x50 to x200.
  • For metals - from x20 to x50.
  • For digital coins - from x5 to x10.

Forex mode potential

Forex mode on the Olymp Trade platform attracts users with its usability, a simple mechanism of placing the orders to fix the profit (take profit) or limit the loss (stop loss).

Olymp Trade Forex is perfect for those who want to develop as a trader and get great results.

Fixed Time Trade mode potential

There is no multiplier for Fixed Time Trade trading, but the high rate of return makes up for that completely.To Fixed Time Trade, a trader selects an asset, sets the investment amount and the expiration time and opens a position.

Depending on the trading strategy being used, a trader can change the strike price—the quote at which the contract can be exercised.

The trader can also place an order and get a position opened only after the specific conditions have been met, like the time and the asset price. This service is a version of put or limit orders.

Easy financial conditions

Olymp Trade makes trading affordable. The company’s commission for the executed trades is minimal, and traders aren’t charged extra for depositing or withdrawing their money. The minimal deposit amount is $10 (or €10, if that’s the account currency), and one needs as little as $1 to open a trade.


There are trading strategies, workshops and webinars from the company’s analysts for traders of all levels in the “Education” section of the platform. It should be noted that there is a full economic calendar on the Olymp Trade platform, so no important news can be missed.


The high quality of quotes and trade execution is certified by an independent system Verify My Trade. An audit of 5000 customers’ trades found that the quality of service meets the standards.

The company has been a Category A member of the Financial Commission since February 2016, which guarantees traders reliable service and the protection of their rights.


Successful Trading with Olymp Trade

Mobile app

To stay connected to the market, download an app for your iOS or Android smartphone. Olymp Trade mobile apps have the same atmosphere of active trading and can become an essential part of a trader’s career.

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