How to get people to follow your business on Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the most used social media application in the internet world as it caters greater than one billion users and hence, engage a massive population at a time. Therefore, people are utilizing this platform to promote their business related to any brand, product or services. A large number of marketers are looking forward to using Instagram for their business prospects.

Let us look at some of the best tactics that one could use in order to engage the maximum audience and get more people to follow their business on Instagram. Top 7 tips that have been considered to be the most effective and efficient in increasing the engagement of people are discussed below:

1.Make sure to post regularly

Make sure to post regularly

The frequency of posting creates a huge impact on the growth of the number of followers as well as on the engagement rate. It has been found out that more you will post the content, greater is the likelihood of getting more likes and hence, more followers on your page. It is recommended to post content at least once a day. Those brands that maintain the consistent flow of posts on Instagram often gets the best results.

Posting more will also help you in gaining more attention from your followers and getting at the topmost position on their news feed if your posts are doing well.

2.Explore the different features available on Instagram

Sharing photos has a lot to do with the users and this photos sharing feature has reached beyond what it was supposed to be. There are other features such as live videos and posting stories on Instagram as other means to engage with your target audience and followers and enhance your follower rate.

It is important to try and explore these novel features due to the fact that videos are better at the engaging audience in comparison to using just image related posts, posting stories will keep you in front position at news feed page of your followers, greater than 400 billion users use Instagram stories regularly.

3.Research more on how to use hashtags and maintain its quality

Research more on how to use hashtags and maintain its quality

Blogs are more often over brimming with hashtags and surely it is crucial for social media also. If you choose the appropriate hashtags with respect to your post, then surely it will lead to great exposure with respect to your target audience. And since this feature has gained immense popularity, now you can follow a hashtag also. You may use popular hashtags like followers and so on. It has also been found that the posts containing hashtags and location tags are better able to engage the audience.

4.Make collaborations with others

One of the best ways to extend your followers reach is to collaborate with other companies or brands or business firms by the means of offering sponsorships or becoming partners with each other. By this way, you will be able to serve values to your own target audience as well as extending your reach to the new people also.

5.Choose the right timing for posting

Make sure that this doesn’t mean that there is one specific time for all the people to post their content on the page. Rather, there is always an optimal time that would best suit you to post your content. Optimal timing of post is another important factor to be considered by the algorithm principle used by Instagram explore page. You could accomplish this by looking at the insights of your post and then view the Followers option and further tapping on “See more”. This will help you in learning the most active time of your followers.

6.Interact with your audience

Engaging with your audience plays a crucial role in determining your follower rate and engagement of the audience with your brand. If you have a better engagement tactic for any post, there is an increased likelihood that many more people would see the post in their news feed in comparison to other posts.

One of the best ways to increase the engagement with your audience is by replying to their comments in your posts. It is a way of showing gratitude to your audience in return for checking out your content and make comments. Being the followers, even the users expect reciprocity.

7.Organize competitions and fun contests

Organize competitions and fun contests

Hosting contests with funny giveaways act as a boost for increasing the engagement on your posts and increasing the rate of new followers. For instance, asking the users to comment in the section below using their favorite emoticon and many other fun tasks.


Therefore, these are above mentioned 7 most effective tips that you may follow in order to expand your reach to the followers and enhance the follower rate of your brand and enhance the recognition of your business and further growth.

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