8 Indian Highway Dhabas That Are A 'Must Stop' While Travelling

BANGALORE: Dhabas are situated on Indian highways and generally known to serve local cuisine, and truck stops. One can find a typical Dhaba scene as a wooden plank which would be placed across the width of the cot on which to place the dishes.

Although with time, the cots are replaced by tables, but the food is typically inexpensive and has a 'homemade' touch to it. And if you are the one who has not experienced the fun of Dhaba Food ever in your life, then here is the list of best dhabas you will find on the Indian highways, compiled by traveltriangle.com.

1. Old Rao Dhaba, Dharuhera, NH 8

Enroute to the Delhi – Jaipur expressway, make a point to stop at the Old Rao dhaba. Try not to let the name confound you – its celebrated for its north Indian food and coddles both veg and non vegetarians. You’ll get boundless supply of mixed greens and ghee at a handful of money and super quality.

Don’t miss the scrumptious dishes are Stuffed Naan, Daal Fry, Daal Makhani and Channa Masala.

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